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Busting Myths About Studying Abroad

The road from first considering an international program to walking onto a university campus on the other side of the world may look lengthy and winding, but solid planning and a positive attitude may help you achieve your goals! It may appear frightening, but it is also quite feasible. Here are some typical study abroad myths and hurdles that may be holding you back, as well as how to overcome them! Read along to know more.

Blog Myths

Busting Myths About Internships In College

Internships provide opportunities for people, mainly college students or recent graduates, to learn new skills and experience in their area. It serves as a link between a college education and practical employment. College students can learn new talents and gain knowledge that isn't easily available in the classroom.

Blog Myths

Busting Myths About Resume Building

Everywhere you go, it seems like someone with good intentions has an opinion on your job hunting approach. And no aspect of your job search is more filled with misconceptions and disinformation than creating a résumé. Don't be misled by outmoded or irrelevant beliefs. We're here to help you distinguish between fact and fiction.

Blog Myths

Busting Myths About Paying College Fees

Myths and disinformation persist even among the most informed parents. You're looking at federal loans for parents so your child doesn't graduate with debt? They might not be the best option after all. If you believe a technical major will be more beneficial to Junior than a liberal arts degree, you're wrong. Read along to know more!

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Busting Myths About Learning A Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is often seen to be tough, and chances are you've attempted and failed to learn one at some time in your life, perhaps in high school. The vast majority of what we know about language learning is either obsolete or a hoax. So, let's look at the five most frequent language learning myths and how to bust them.

Blog Myths

Busting Myths About Medical Schools

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding medical school. Some of these may make you feel apprehensive, while others may excite you. In any case, you must enter with reasonable expectations. Many individuals will advise you that you should be aware of what you're putting yourself into. Here are frequent myths about medical school that may make you nervous about the thought of enrolling in one.

Blog Myths

Busting Myths About LSAT Exam

The Law School Admission Test, sometimes known as the LSAT, is a standardized test that applicants to top law schools must pass in order to be considered for admission. The LSAT is a highly recognized test, and thousands of thousand students take it each year in order to be admitted to prestigious law schools. Scores on the LSAT are calculated on a scale from 120 to 180 points. Seven times over a lifetime are allowed for LSAT attempts. The exam has a lot of myths associated with it because of how popular it is. And if you want to distinguish between LSAT myths and truths, keep on reading this blog.

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