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Prem Parkash Bharti

Prem Parkash Bharti

Founder & CMD

“Cultivate Curiosity. If you really want to grow in your lifetime, learn to be as inquisitive as a child. Curious people are never bored, and for them life becomes an unending study of joy.”

Being the Founder and Managing Director, Prem P. Bharti has been working to cement The Edu Network’s reputation as the world’s leading study abroad consultancy. Prem is passionate about helping others reach their full potential and encouraging them to make a difference. He has a real desire to succeed. He can achieve these aims by translating the company's vision into operational goals, strategies, and processes.


Prem Bharti has been associated with studying abroad for over 28 years and counting and has a wealth of expertise in the education field. He has extensive expertise in the intricacies of the study abroad application procedure and holds an Australian master's degree in professional accounting. He has a fiery zest for world politics and current and international events that impacts people, and he is often immersed in political debate. He spends his time listening to music, exploring outdoors, and becoming a cuisine critic when he is not buried deep in his newspaper.


He is also one of the few who qualified for the “Education UK Certificate for Agents” course offered by the British Council and British High Commission. Additionally, he has acquired numerous training and certifications to be able to help the students in every bit possible. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Professional Development Program in Promoting UK Education and Training
  2. Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA)
  3. US Agent Training Course (USATC)
  4. Trained Agent Certificate (Education New Zealand)


His vision for TEN

The Edu Network is changing the way overseas students locate North American universities and colleges. Through our one-stop-shop web platform, we effortlessly link students, high schools, agents, colleges, and universities. We make education more accessible through expanding options for students and schools, as well as providing tools for students and counselors. Since its inception in 2016, we've worked with over 1000 universities and colleges throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries. The Edu Network's fast-growing worldwide footprint is bringing international students and Higher Education institutions closer together.

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