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Vesela Chervenyakova

Vesela Chervenyakova

Country Manager - Bulgaria

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Job Responsibilities

Velesa's role as a Country Manager for Bulgaria is to advise and help universities in international student recruitment by ensuring that all strategic objectives agreed upon in the partnership are reached, therefore directly affecting the university's success. All whilst implementing, monitoring, and optimizing online promotional campaigns, as well as explaining the outcomes to clients and cooperating with regional sales teams to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Because Velesa, as a person, is creative and analytical, she looked for a topic of study that suited her ability. Thus, she studied Accounting and Finance at the University of National and Worldwide Economy in order to achieve her objective of promoting various firms. After having worked for Mobiltel as a Trade Marketing Manager for several years, she held several leadership positions in a market-leading company for food and beverage manufacturing called Bella Bulgaria.

Source of Motivation

“TEN is a very innovative and fast-growing company. Thanks to the impressive management, planning, and team of professionals, the company will surely become a leader in the field of education.” - Velesa

Velesa sees every day as a chance to collaborate closely with highly driven, open-minded professionals from all origins, all with the same objective of making education more transparent all through the planet.

The collective objective of bringing international education to the global attention among the committed team of professionals from various nationalities, as well as actively participating in uniting institutions with students from all across the world, all while expanding this dynamic entrepreneurial venture.

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