Our Leadership Team

Ausra Jarmantaviciute

Ausra Jarmantaviciute

Co-founder & Director

“Be like a duck, paddling and working very hard inside the water, but what everyone sees is a smiling and calm face.”

Being the Co-founder & Director of The Edu Network, Ausra is a (pro!) active all-rounder who assists in different departments ranging from Working Capital Management - Raising funds and Risk Management to Business Development and Market Opportunities Exploration - Research & Identification of the products & services the market needs. All with the motive of delivering services to enable the smooth management of our office and our worldwide team.


Mrs. Ausra is a staunch believer in global access to high-quality education, and she finds it uplifting to allow kids to pick the school that best suits their requirements. This is in line with The Edu Network's objective, which is to "empower the world  to select international education."


Ausra is an international business professional. Besides business law, she has been awarded a Master’s Degree in International Marketing and Trade from Vilnius University, Lithuania. On top of international studies, she has achieved a Postgraduate Intensive Diploma in International Hotel Management at Les Roches Marbella, Spain.


As for her work experience, she has been a business process manager for an international transport company JSC Vikreda (Lithuania) for more than a decade. Simultaneously she has worked in sales for multinational company Lidl (UK). Additionally, she has contributed herself to the management team for the hotel industry and worked at a luxury 5-star hotel group Kempinski Hotels S. A. (Germany)


Her vision for TEN

Ausra is a strong proponent of embracing international and multicultural experiences for professional and personal growth while also for society at large, and she strives to stimulate and empower others in broadening their horizons through The Edu Network. Reiterating her words - “The greatest and most lovable moment(s) is when we meet people from all over the world who contribute to the project from different points: either contributing to engineering the project or loving the concept as a client.”


She is motivated by a desire to make educational options more transparent throughout the world. She is confident that the unique TEN platform's insights and possibilities will help institutions all over the world to have better and clearer access to the students.


Keeping the razor-sharp focus on giving the finest information to students and best value-for-money for Universities, she is working to provide online courses for future education professionals. Often engrossed in political dialogue, she has a burning flair for exploring unknown places, countries, people and touching lives. When she is not buried deep into her work, she spends her time traveling, doing sports (which she believes is a universal remedy against all physical and/or mental disorders), and being a food critic.

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