Our Leadership Team

Dr. Rohit Pramanik

Country Head - India & APAC

“Education is the tool to empower and counseling is the instrument to enrich the soul.” - Dr. Rohit Pramanik

Dr. Rohit Pramanik, a visionary and a passionate Educationist, is an effective Educator & Trainer, Academician & Administrator, Global Education Specialist, PIE (Professionals in International Education) - Recruitment (Admissions), National and International School, College, University Education Partnership & Relationship Expert, a qualified Clinical Psychologist, Education Consultant, Education Sales, and Marketing Outreach Specialist, Western Music Coach & Trainer, NCC Officer & Instructor (pre-defense training), Environmentalist, Philanthropist, and Philozoic.


He reaches out to build a strong business relationship with B2B & B2C market operations and scale up to D2C sales segments across multiple geographies. In his role, the focus is largely on building partnerships, liaising with Government, Private and Public agencies, assessing the market potential, and then creating effective business development and sales & marketing strategic plans specially designed for the international students seeking admission to colleges and universities worldwide.


A multi-disciplinary, with 16+ years of rich experience in Academics & Corporate as a Communication and Cultural Trainer (CCT), he is a Process Training and Transaction Quality, Business Development, Publications Consultant (Audiobooks /Podcasts/ebooks/iBooks) & Education Consultant (Academic Schools, College & University) related to the field of Teaching, Counseling, Learning & Development, Business Development, Fundraising, Academic Facilitator, Global Education Sales & Marketing, Pedagogical Training, Recruitment, and Liberal Arts (Visual and Performing arts).


Experiencing the journey of an idea to becoming a valuable revenue-generating product excites him the most in this role. He has an interest and inclination toward working with diverse teams in an inclusive work environment. In addition, Rohit is skilled in curriculum development, team building, capacity building, mentorship, career counseling, and team development; also passionate about empowering people to be at their best. His goal is to instill a sense of self-appreciation, while at the same time learning and training people about the technical and practical aspects of Life.


He has completed his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Pastoral Counseling) and has acquired specialized training and qualifications in the fields of Theology, Business Management, and Clinical Psychology with a specialization in ADHD, LGBTQ, CBT, etc., and Western Music.


In addition, he’s a certified professional musician and a trained music coach from the Trinity College London, trained in the areas of Western Music (Music Theory, Vocal - Rock'n'POP & Classical, Instrumental - Electronic Keyboard, Acoustic & Classical Guitar, Violin) and can also play many other musical instruments like Piano, Drums, etc. Also, he had an opportunity to get trained by professionals in Mass Communication and corporate management in the field of International Business Development and Corporate quality


To him, the success mantra is never, never, never give up because the ‘Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’.

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