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8 Different Sales And Business Career Paths

A career in sales may be more appealing than other careers in the industries of advertising, marketing, and business to those who like to spend most of their time on the road rather than sitting in a cubicle all day. The majority of a salesperson’s time is spent on in-person customer visits, telephone and email client interactions, and contract negotiations. To make sure their actions are in line with the aims and objectives of the organization, they could occasionally be expected to attend meetings with the marketing and advertising departments. They are accountable for achieving monthly, quarterly, and annual sales targets in the allocated region or industry.

A salesperson functions in many ways like a self-employed company owner or entrepreneur, planning how to close the next deal and figuring out how to operate in their industry. Drive, the capacity to manage difficulties successfully, time management skills, and strong networking abilities are necessary for success in this sector. In this profession, there are several job opportunities and trajectories, including

Advertising Sales Agent

Selling commercial space is the responsibility of advertising sales representatives. They often work for advertising agencies, radio stations, television networks, publishers of magazines and newspapers, or internet advertising businesses that have open advertising space.

Insurances Sales Agents

These salespeople are in charge of promoting insurance-related goods and services to the general public. They increase their clientele and aid customers in selecting the best insurance plan for their particular requirements. During sluggish seasons of the year, they can be in charge of finding new clients, giving lectures to HR specialists, and organizing training sessions for other salespeople.

Loan Officer

Loan and mortgage experts are in the business of marketing loan products to consumers, even though it may not be a typical sales position. They are often used by banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and other financial organizations to assess and approve loan applications from various consumer groups. While some function as broad mortgage and loans specialists at a commercial bank, others focus on a specific loan type or consumer market.

Purchasing Manager or Buyer

An employee who works as a buying manager or buyer for a business is responsible for negotiating purchase agreements, maintaining inventories, and evaluating product quality for the business they support. These people could also be in charge of purchasing goods at a cost in order to resell them.

Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents

A licensed real estate broker or sales agent is in charge of buying, selling, and renting out properties. Brokers are primarily self-employed individuals who hold the necessary licenses to run their own real estate companies. Sales representatives collaborate with brokers and are sometimes freelancers. These real estate experts need to be motivated to reach their sales targets and have a strong awareness of the market they serve.

Sales Engineers

Sales engineers, who are tasked with describing how these complicated items function and how they benefit the customer, may do well if they have an interest in science and technology goods and services. Meeting sales goals, keeping up with product knowledge training needs, and maintaining customer connections all place stress on sales engineers. However, for individuals who wish to work in a sector that is rapidly expanding, this might be a lucrative job.

Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agent

For people who thrive under pressure and wish to work in a competitive profession, a career in the fast-paced financial markets could be appealing. These sales representatives are in charge of recommending financial and purchasing options, executing trading operations, and selling security and other financial services to clients.

Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives

As a sales manager or representative, one might earn a living by promoting wholesale or produced items to corporations, governmental agencies, and other enterprises. Success in this industry depends on a variety of skills including the ability to travel and perform well under pressure.

Sales Salaries

Certain areas allow sales representatives and sales managers to benefit from increased base pay and commissions, with commissions making up a sizeable portion of their monthly income. In other industries, like startup business development, the earning potential is limitless. Some businesses may also provide sales reps with extra bonuses like company stock and other perks. As businesses continue to grow and develop new goods and services that can only be offered by an experienced and qualified sales professional, working in the technology and telecommunications areas may equate to better income potential and prospects for quick advancement.


Types of Sales

Average Salaries

Consulting Sales

$120,000 to $250,000 + Commission

Consumer Packaged Goods Sales

$150,000 to $180,000+ Commission

Digital Media Sales

$170,000 to $180,000 + Commission

Medical Device Sales

$70,000 + Commission

Outsourced Services

$150,000 to $200,000 + Commission

Software Sales

$80,000 to $100,000 + Commission

Startup Business Development

$150,000 + Commission

Telecommunications Sales

$70,000 to $100,000 + Commission


According to BLS data, sales managers; employment is expected to expand by 5% between 2018 and 2028, which is roughly as fast as the average anticipated growth for all occup[pations. Depending on the industry they work in, sales managers will have a wide range of employment options. Top employers in this industry include businesses in technology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and mobile/digital payment solutions.

Organizations in the public and private sectors will depend on skilled sales managers to help them generate leads, improve market share, and boost profitability as the economy grows. Employers across a variety of sectors will thus probably continue looking for experienced salespeople who are versatile and able to develop and sustain interpersonal ties.

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