The Edu Network Scholarship

The way humans engage with technology has changed dramatically over a recent couple of decades. The Edu Network acknowledges this and aims to nurture brilliant minds to create the future of tomorrow. TEN scholarship is an initiative by The Edu Network to embrace and motivate the brilliant minds who wish to study abroad. This is an annual, highly selective, and prospering opportunity for the students that wish to pursue their higher education abroad. The scholarship allows students to further their professions in a global context while also allowing them to improve personally and professionally.

Every student, we think, has the ability to change lives and is entitled to the finest chances for improvement. The TEN Scholarship is accessible to any student seeking to pursue an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in any subject from a university or institution in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, or anywhere in the world.

Scholarship features:

Opportunity today, for the change-makers of tomorrow.

  • For the benefit of society, nurturing the gifted young students who have the potential to become tomorrow's leaders.
  • Through a rigorous and demanding application procedure, the TEN Scholarships will find and choose the best and brightest students from all around the world.
  • We accept applications from people of various socio-economic backgrounds, and scholarships will be awarded based on the criteria listed below.

Who can apply?

YOU! You read it right, anyone and everyone can apply for this scholarship.
However, you need to comply with the following requirements:

  • 1

    The applicant must complete the college admission process via the TEN portal.

  • 2

    Must have an admission letter from the institution.

  • 3

    The admit should be from a full-time course/program.

  • 4

    You must submit a letter (essay) of motivation within the due time period answering the following questions:

    • What are your career aspirations?
    • How will the education in a foreign institution help you in fulfilling your dreams?
    • What makes you an ideal candidate for the scholarship(qualities/additional skills)?
  • 5

    You must share the marksheet of first two semesters.*


*the scholarship will be awarded in the second year of the studies to the deserving candidates.

How to Apply?

We're seeking young people who desire to pursue further education to become the brightest stars and grow exponentially. Every student is entitled to the greatest education and opportunity to advance in her chosen field and make a positive contribution to society. Students who get the TEN Scholarship join an exciting and rapidly expanding network of students from all across the globe. The Edu Network community is made up of young people who are enthusiastic about what they do. For all the students, it is a home away from home. It enables you to effortlessly interact with one another, form friendships, look for housing and flatmates, locate student mentors, and professionals who may assist you in job hunting.

1. Register

Register yourself on the TEN portal.

2. Explore

Search through thousands of courses and shortlist the best ones.

3. Apply

Apply to the programs in the institutes of your choice.

4. Submit

Submit your documents and the letter of motivation.

5. Win

Win the scholarship of up to €5 Millions!

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