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Careers For Travel Enthusiasts!

What if you could achieve your goals without quitting your job? Imagine having a career that lets you travel the world. Or how about making travel the focus of your work? People that are keen on traveling have a variety of options. There are many jobs out there that allow you to travel as much as you like and yet make a nice living. jobs that provide you freedom from constraints on time, space, and place. Both working while traveling and traveling for employment are options!

We've compiled a list of professions that are great for full-time travelers and may earn you a respectable salary. Jobs that don't require you to be in one location, where you may set your own hours and work at your own pace. Therefore, you may choose any of these careers that fit you the most and still be on the road instead of arranging a vacation once or twice a year owing to a lack of time and leaves!

1. Flight Attendant

One of the finest careers for those who love to travel is flight attendant. As additional places are reached by planes, the work itself necessitates travel. Both domestic and international travel is made feasible by it, combined with a solid wage, a paid stay, and additional money supplied by the airlines for living costs while traveling.

2. Cruise Ship Worker

Another career that necessitates months of travel, spanning several nations and occasionally entire continents, is working on cruise ships. For many travelers, this is the ideal profession since it not only provides free lodging, meals, and excellent income but also takes you to new locales where you have plenty of free time to explore and meet and mingle with locals.

3. International Aid Worker

a wonderful chance to influence change and take part in something meaningful. There is a need for international aid workers in many organizations that offer relief and support to nations affected by epidemics, conflicts, and natural catastrophes like floods, earthquakes, and cyclones, among other things. Your assistance and services all while traveling can make a difference.

4. Diplomat

Do you love your nation and aspire to improve the world? Diplomats travel the world promoting the interests of their home nation and assisting other people who have difficulties overseas, something like James Bond but without the weapons and gin.

The subject of your degree is less important for positions in diplomacy than your capacity for quick decision-making under pressure, analytical problem-solving, and independent work. Being able to speak a language that is in demand, such as Arabic, Russian, or Mandarin, is a huge plus. As you'll probably be managing finances and logistics, you'll also need to be adept with numbers.

5. Au pair

Do you have experience working with kids and possess a second language? If so, you might want to consider being an au pair. Au pairs offer child care services including babysitting and helping with homework while residing with a host family abroad.

In addition to receiving room and board and a little pay, you will also have the opportunity to live as an extended member of the family and get fully immersed in the local culture.

6. Yachtie

Yachties are given good salaries to put in crazily long hours and with crazily high demands, but it does sound like an unbelievable way of life! What precisely do yachties do, and what qualifications are required for the position?

In the superyacht sector, there are primarily two career options for you to select - deckhand or yacht stewardess. With the former, you may find employment on the boat's interior, but with the latter, you can find employment on the boat's exterior. Look into the reality TV program Below Deck for a fascinating look into life aboard a superyacht.

7. Médecins Sans Frontières

This is not a discipline to be treated casually. You'll probably be assigned to a location with subpar housing, no access to electricity or water, and minimal communication with loved ones back home. But you'll also get the chance to see entirely new cultures and actually improve people's lives in some of the poorest and most hopeless regions on the earth.

It goes without saying that you'll need medical expertise, and you'll need to spend two years getting it in your native country before you can practice overseas. You'll also need to be adaptable and readily available as needed.

Additionally to having computer abilities, speaking French is a huge plus. In order to effectively advise and teach local physicians, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) looks for employees who are outstanding leaders and managers. Along with housing and other perks, you'll get access to professional development opportunities and free language instruction.


Want to live and work abroad but don’t speak another language or have a transferable qualification? Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) offers great opportunities to immerse yourself in a different culture. You could be teaching anyone from children and adults to refugees, and you’re likely to get the chance to run extra-curricular activities too.

Degrees in English, education, or languages are preferred, but more important are confident graduates who are organized enough to create effective lesson plans and can manage a classroom independently.

Starting salaries vary massively by location, but in cheaper countries such as Thailand and China, you’ll often find that your money stretches a lot further than back home. 

9. Ethnomusicologist

You might be asking what on earth an ethnomusicologist is.

It's a person who researches the music created by many civilizations. You would get to interact with other and distinctive cultures while studying their music and learning how to play their instruments. Both musical ability and a passion for music are beneficial.

You'll need a bachelor's degree (and maybe a master's) in anthropology or cultural sociology, and you'll need a mind that can handle extensive research and archive. You should be open-minded and a competent communicator if you plan to interact with people from drastically diverse cultural backgrounds.

10. Freelance (at anything!)

If none of the aforementioned careers appeal to you, think about if you might perform your ideal work as a freelancer. Because of digitalization, interacting with coworkers and clients is now simple without the need for an actual workplace or face-to-face meetings. You may post your professional profile on social networking sites like LinkedIn and look for fresh chances from your smartphone. No longer is there a need to give up your passion for travel in order to advance your profession, whether you want to be a stockbroker or an entrepreneur.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your gadgets, book a ticket and live your life the way you want!

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