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Find Jobs In Malta: Top Websites for International Students

The majority of students who are studying abroad are mostly concerned about the employment prospects in the country where we hope to pursue our post-secondary education. The Mediterranean Sea's central Mediterranean island is called Malta. All that a person could want is the culture, amazing way of life, wonderful weather, and a welcoming place to live in!

There are many jobs available with good living standards if we're talking about employment options. Each and every industry has employment opportunities, including those in finance, sales, marketing, administration, hospitality, nursing, and other fields involving health. It is simple to obtain a job with a nice salary if one has strong experience and competence in the industry.

Why is Malta considered the best destination for international students?

Malta's top institutions, strong economy, extensive use of English, and cosmopolitan culture draw hundreds of international students each year. This article might be very helpful to you if you have been thinking about moving to Malta to pursue higher education because the Mediterranean nation is becoming more and more popular as a study abroad destination.

One of the most important factors students take into account while deciding which nation to study abroad is the availability of part-time employment. Malta is a fantastic option in this sense because there are many job options for students there. Before we get to how students might get jobs in Malta in this article, we'd like to briefly go over why students should visit Malta in the first place.

Top-quality education

The Maltese government has made the required improvements to bring the teaching standards and curriculum up to par with those in Europe as part of its recent efforts to internationalize the country's education industry. Malta presently has a number of top-notch local institutions as well as satellite campuses for several foreign universities.

The University of Malta is the pinnacle of Malta's collection of esteemed academic institutions. One of the top choices in the Mediterranean for English-language classes is this 200-year-old institution. Another well-known institution that routinely enrolls a sizeable number of foreign students is the European Graduate School in Valletta, which is known for its prestigious academic reputation.

Erasmus scholarship

The fact that Maltese institutions participate in the Erasmus program is another reason in favor of choosing them for higher education. Therefore, regardless of your country, you can transfer to different colleges around Europe. You will have the unique opportunity to vary your educational background and improve your resume, all thanks to this.

Affordable study and living expenses

In comparison to European standards, Malta's tuition costs are extremely reasonable. Additionally, living expenses are reduced. Therefore, earning a degree in Malta does not require you to place a heavy financial load on yourself. The colleges also provide a large number of scholarships each year to attract the best minds in the nation. Therefore, Malta is the ideal destination if you want to receive a high-quality education without spending a lot of money.

No linguistic barriers

One of the main obstacles keeping international students away from studying in Europe is the language barrier. Since English is commonly spoken in Malta and the courses are delivered in English, you won't need to worry about that. As a result, you won't have to bother trying to learn a new language and can instead concentrate entirely on your education.

Best websites to hunt for jobs

Websites specializing in job searches are one of the most popular ways for job searchers to find employment prospects. There are several applications, aggregators, search engines, social media platforms, networking organizations, and corporate websites to pick from in addition to the numerous online job boards available.

The good thing is that they offer a tonne of listings. What's the bad news? The abundance of choices might quickly overwhelm you.

So where are the most delicate areas to look for your next incredible job? We provide 5 of Malta's top employment sites here.


www.jobsplus.gov.mt (Official government website)

One of the largest and most established employment boards on the internet, Jobsinmalta offers two major advantages: size and longevity. You may filter using its comprehensive search engine according to a number of factors, including area, job title, and salary range. The website employs Google AI to assist match job prospects with appropriate openings and offers tools and career guidance to job seekers. Monthly membership options for organizations help with applicant searches by providing tools for candidate management, targeted recruiting mailings, and more.



One of the biggest job search engines in Malta is run by Keepmeposted, which uses its robust search engine to link job searchers and companies.

The finest website for posting job openings is very well-liked by employers, and many of them have done so. Currently, they have agreements with several websites and newspapers to provide their posting on various sites.

Without logging in, you may apply with Keepmeposted. They ask for your email to verify that you are the company's representative, but you are also free to submit via your personal email by including a code in the subject line along with your cover letter and resume: swift and efficient. 



Without this entry, no list of the top job search websites would be complete. MaltaPark is one of the most popular websites in Malta; many part-time positions are listed here. Apart from it being very well-liked in Malta, it is also quite simple to apply; all you need to do is join up, add your resume, and create an online cover letter.

Due to MaltaPark.com's inexpensive publishing costs, a sizable portion of employers uses their service.


The top website for tech job searchers is MaltaJobPort. You may do a search using a skill, a keyword, a job category, and a location.

Writing a cover letter and uploading your resume are the only two requirements for applying on a website with a nice user interface and quick loading speed. You will receive an email with application data and the email of the firm you are applying for after sending your application.



One of the most influential social media platforms in Malta is Facebook, which is also a very useful resource for job searchers since you can discover many groups with offers and openings, particularly for part-time work. Employers who don't want to spend money on recruiting can utilize Facebook.

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