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Important Practical Skills For International Students

The learning curve at university is multifaceted. While it's normal to concentrate on the academic side of things while applying to universities, many students discover that once they get to college, they wish they had spent more time honing their practical abilities.

Getting these fundamental skills down pat is essential to living autonomously and taking care of oneself, even if studying and socializing may be at the top of the list of tasks to do while attending university.

These are the six most important practical skills to gain before attending college.

Time Management

You'll likely have more control over your schedule than you ever had previously when studying at university, which is frequently far more autonomous than school.

The ability to balance all of the aforementioned tasks while still keeping up with your schoolwork and social life is time management.

That is a challenge if that seems challenging at all. Even though YouTube is crowded with videos of what appear to be ideal student morning routines, many students find it difficult to establish a pattern that provides them with the ideal balance.

The secret is to be realistic about what you can do in a day and to avoid being too harsh on yourself when things don't go according to plan.


When a student is living alone for the first time, managing their money is a fairly frequent practical skill that they must acquire.

Keeping a budget while in school might be difficult due to student loan payments, occasional expenses, temporary employment, and grants, but organizing your finances is essential to reducing stress.

You can consider creating a personalized budget using a virtual financial planner, or explore various student finance apps that can automatically allocate funds for your daily expenses.

We have a guide for you on how to manage your finances efficiently!


Effective communication skills may enable international students to effortlessly interact with peers and teachers, making them perhaps the most essential quality that every student should possess. The students are able to quickly dissolve through the barriers and converse freely to make new acquaintances and readily adjust to the new environment with good communication skills when studying abroad.

It is crucial to develop your verbal communication skills simultaneously with the written ones. Your ability to lead people in meetings, articulate your ideas clearly, and build connections at work will all be facilitated by verbal communication abilities. Participating in community activities, taking on leadership positions, and working on group projects will all help you improve your interpersonal skills. Additionally, you can hone your speaking abilities in social situations like going to the bank or grocery store. Verbal communication skills entail attentive listening, effective speaking, clarifying your points with questions, offering constructive feedback, and maintaining a calm demeanor while in discussions.

Here’s a brief list of book suggestions to improve your communication skills!


Although driving is not entirely obligatory for a college student, it may be beneficial for getting into and out of dorms and touring the nation or area in which you are studying.

If you are an international student with a license from your home country, you will most likely need to apply for a foreign driver's license or a permit for the country in which you are studying.

In certain situations, you may be required to repeat a driving test following the national norms of your study location, so make sure to research this before coming. If you intend to drive while at university, be sure you know the correct side of the highway you're going to drive on!

Learn about the rules and regulations in the top study-abroad destinations here.


Learning a few quick, inexpensive dishes before you get to campus is a terrific way to get ready for college.  

Eating healthy is important for both your physical and emotional health, and avoiding takeout – as alluring as it may be – is going to help you save money. When shared with companions, cooking a meal you're accustomed to from home may also be a tremendous consolation during times of homesickness.

A fulfilling and harmonious week can additionally be organized by spending a few hours on the weekend food planning and preparation, especially during hectic exam seasons.

Doing Laundry

Many students have yet to perfect the skill of never running out of clean socks, with 64% of students in the Ivory Research study saying they have never done their laundry and 73% having never used an iron. 

It's a good idea to save some spare change for the laundry facility, which is often found in student residence halls and has coin-operated washing machines. YouTube is your buddy if you want to learn how to use a particular washing machine. Take advantage of the fact that many colleges will send student assistants to tour you around the campus or residence halls during freshmen week to obtain a brief tutorial.

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