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TED Talks That Will Change Your Outlook On Studying Abroad

TED Talks have evolved into one of the most important online resources for students and professionals. Because of the internet's accessibility, it is a wonderful learning tool. Traditionally, gathering knowledge was difficult since individuals had to go through many literary sources. Images, movies, and a plethora of exciting stimuli now catch and retain our attention. We have a few TED talks specifically picked out for you to help you with your international education dreams.

Why study abroad – Marina Meijer

This TEDx talk is for potential foreign students who are considering studying abroad or moving to Australia, even if it may just be preaching to the choir for some.

Former international student Marina Meijer currently advises several young people considering studying abroad on their educational options. As a previous international student, she claims to have greater respect for the world and all it has to offer. She advises young people to go abroad since it's not just about earning a degree or attending a certain university, but also about the experiences you have along the way.

For her, studying abroad is more about traveling and, as she puts it, "experiential learning" than "actually" studying. She thus advises that the following be done by ALL overseas students:

  • Challenge oneself to engage in new endeavors and experiences.
  • Become friends with people who are different from you and who will push you to step outside of your comfort zone.
  • No matter what you choose, whether it's in school, the workplace, or in your personal life, listen to your heart.

Education for global citizenship – Seth Leighton

Being the CEO and co-founder of Envoys, Seth Leighton, explores how effective experiential learning initiatives may help students cultivate a sense of global citizenship in this TED Talk. In order to do this, we need to encourage digital citizenship and actively engaged pupils. The necessity of traveling overseas to acquire the necessary abilities for global citizenship is stressed by Seth.

Education revolution – David Baker

David Baker talks about the phenomenon known as "the education revolution" and how it has helped people all across the world. Can we comprehend the revolution's mechanics and take on the challenge of making it a potentially powerful force for good in the world? By using examples from poor nations and the benefits education has there, Baker emphasizes the value of education. He is adamant that education is the most effective social vaccination against various illnesses, growing kid obesity, high rates of child death, high birth rates, and other significant challenges in the globe. People are empowered by education, which sparks a revolution in the field and, eventually, improves the world.

The future of higher education – Kevin Manning

Kevin Manning, who formerly served as the president of Stevenson University, has over 40 years of administrative experience in higher education. Manning contends that online education is the way of the future, and he discusses the use of cell phones in his TED presentation. He claims that this will offer an affordable remedy for global education. Manning presents three distinct trends that might occur over the next 25 years and discusses the shift from conventional learning to embracing the internet and online courses. The higher education system will undergo significant, constructive reform. The proliferation of mobile phones and the internet will be the driving forces behind numerous improvements, all of which will make it possible to provide better education globally and enhance the quality of many lives.

International education – Mary Hayden

In her talk on international education and the advancement of cross-cultural understanding, Mary Hayden engages the audience in an engaging way. The International Baccalaureate (IB) and its significance for global education are the main topics of Mary's TED presentation on United World Colleges. She talks about the value of providing children with not just a top-notch education but also a very immersive experience around it, in order to give them the best chance for future success. Surely, we can all agree on this point of view.

Re-defining work-life balance so it works for you

Everybody will struggle to successfully juggle work and life. And even if this may only apply to students from other countries, it's still vital to understand how you might approach your work and free time differently.

While this video mostly focuses on employment, there are certain aspects that may equally be used in academic education. The speaker in this instance exhorts listeners to reconsider how they unwind, as well as how they see leisure time and work. It promotes finding what works for oneself, which alters how we view success.

After all, a life free of stress has a higher quality.

Connecting the dots: Build, don’t break relationships!

All foreign students desire friends, but we frequently hear that it can be challenging to make new ones. Beyond just trying to make friends with the locals, it may occasionally be challenging to connect with people from your own nation if they think differently than you do.

With the help of this TEDx Talk, students may assess their personality traits and interpersonal communication styles. It presents the "Dots" idea, which summarises it as follows: every one of us falls into one of four groups for communication behavior.

Rationalists represented by the red dots are fact-based individuals. Pictorialists are the ones who value honesty and appearances the most and are the yellow dots. Purple dots are for the people who are usually the loudest ones in the rooms, visionists, while, the blue dots or the sensationalists are those who are extremely friendly and quite sensitive.

Understanding who you are and how you interact with people may help you identify the areas in which your communication needs improvement and areas where you can improve.

The Secret to Student Success by Arel Moodie

Arel Moodie's lecture on The Secret of Student Success, one of the top TED talks for students, is compelling as it exposes that the key to success in school isn't always intelligence or talent, but rather the work you put forth. Arel Moodie discusses the life lessons he learned while growing up in New York by opening up about his own struggles and hardships as a student from elementary to higher education. He also goes deeper into the adage that "whatever you're not good at, with the right amount of effort, you become good at it."

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