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Travel The World - Be An Au Pair

There is no better way to work abroad than as an au pair if you want to travel the world, experience what it's like to feel at home in a different country and culture, and earn money while still embracing your inner child.

Being an au pair overseas is a special job opportunity that enables you to live with a local family in your chosen location, where you can learn the language, immerse yourself in the culture, and meet local people while building your resume with international work experience.

Sounds too good to be true, don’t you think? Wish to discover how to fulfill this ambition by working as an au pair abroad? You can learn all you need to know about being an au pair and what countries to work as an au pair right here in this blog.

What is an Au Pair?

Because every family has a different expectation of what their au pair will perform at work, defining an au pair is simpler than it may sound.

A live-in nanny is essentially what an au pair is. And they often reside with and provide for a family while coming from various towns or nations.

Every family anticipates that you will look after their child or children. Some households will need you to perform some housekeeping each day for a few hours. You'll be invited to travel by others. There are other families who demand that you labor nonstop and integrate into the family.

The requirements to be an Au Pair

To get an au pair job abroad, just as for any other position, you'll need to fulfill a set of requirements. The qualifications for au pairs vary in every program, depending on your age, language proficiency, and enthusiasm for working with kids.

Below mentioned are some boxes that you need to tick in order to get an au pair job overseas:

Age Criteria. The age requirement is one of the fundamental prerequisites for au pairs across all programs. While this may differ significantly between nations, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in the majority of au pair programs. You must also be under 30 if your destination needs a working holiday visa. Younger travelers who desire to see the globe while being unrestricted by external constraints should work in this field.

High school diploma. Most programs do not demand that you hold a college degree, but many do demand that you have your high school graduation before you go for your international experience. Being an au pair is the ideal way to take a gap year after graduating!

Solo traveling. Being an au pair is very challenging if you have a partner or family. You must go alone because you will be staying with a host family. Most programs stipulate that you must be childless and single in order to be eligible for au pair placements.

Linguistic skills. While visiting a foreign country is a fantastic way to pick up a new language, in order to speak with your host family and their kids, you'll need to have basic to intermediate language abilities. Your language abilities are one of the primary requirements to become an au pair overseas, while the minimal language need may vary depending on the region and program.

Valid passport and visa. Without an active passport, you cannot travel internationally! Verify that you have a current passport and qualify for a visa at your intended location. Although you won't need to apply for a visa until you find a job, it's crucial to be sure you qualify before meeting with families for an interview.

Background checks. Anywhere around the globe, most employment with children demands a spotless criminal background. Before applying for au pair positions, if you're thinking about being an au pair, you must pass a criminal background check.

Passion for working with children. Obviously, individuals who enjoy working with children make the ideal au pairs. Childcare and travel together will make for an unforgettable experience!

Most popular destinations for au pair job opportunities

Moving abroad is a difficult endeavor because of the need to locate work, find accommodation, meet new people, and get used to life as an expat.

What would happen if you could conquer each of these difficulties at once? We're talking about lodgings, spending money, and a family that you can call your own. It's not real if anything seems too wonderful to be true. An au pair's life is as follows.

It's not all fun and games, of course, but with days off and the potential for a rent-free budget, you'll have plenty of time to become comfortable in your new place.

And even better, the need for au pairs is growing as more women join the workforce. Consider the over 300,000 au pair positions available worldwide. You might be wondering how to limit your options with all these options. Be at ease; we did the job for you. Based on money, hours, and perks, these are the finest places to work as an au pair.


Germany is the most popular choice for Au pairs in Europe if you enjoy history and culture.

Germany has a lot to offer, from the Alps in the southern state of Bavaria to the docks in the north of Hamburg. There are several cities to discover, each having streets from the sixteenth century, historic buildings, and castles.

Additionally, Berlin is currently frequently named one of the coolest and most contemporary cities in the world.

Check out Oktoberfest, the biggest and finest beer festival in the world, if you share my love of beer culture. Additionally, every state in Germany has its unique beer, so make sure to sample them all and decide which is your favorite.

Working as an au pair in Germany is a fantastic way to learn the language because it is the official language. As varied as the country's landscapes, the German language may be. Everywhere you walk, from North to South, East to West, you'll hear diverse accents and language nuances. You have the chance to live in and travel around Germany if you work as an au pair and reside there.


Hola and welcome to Spain. We're not sure what else would convince you that Malaga is the best place for your au pair job if the tapas aren't enough! The well-known quality of the traditional Mediterranean diet, which consists of olive oil, fruit and vegetables, and seafood, should keep you thoroughly satisfied during your visit to Malaga. And what better way to round off your day of au pairing than with a trip to the beach? Your everyday routine will soon include a trip to the seaside for a few drinks and a barbecue, especially now that the sunny weather keeps the evenings bright for your convenience.

Spain's pace of life is noticeably slower than that of other European nations. It's typical to eat for two hours at lunch, take a siesta, and then have a lengthy supper with cocktails.

You will be immersed in Spanish if you live with a family who speaks it, so you will pick it up quickly. You will have to because most Spanish speakers struggle with English. You have a wonderful opportunity to advance your Spanish language abilities by working as an au pair.

Your monthly wage will be EUR 280, and fortunately, the cost of living in Spain is among the lowest in Europe at EUR 1000.


France is listed next in our ranking of salaries. one of Europe's most picturesque nations, with a variety of landscapes. Fantastic cuisine, a pleasant atmosphere, and cultural experiences.

France is renowned around the world for its food, art, wine, and fashion. And while you might be familiar with some of the well-known French brands (Chanel, the Mona Lisa, baguettes, croissants), each area has its own foods, customs, and attractions to explore.

Are you ready for your own "Emily in Paris" experience? The au pair visa in France enables Americans and Canadians between the ages of 18 and 30 to spend a minimum of three months living with a host family. As it is required that you take a language course while you are in the nation, you must have a minimum working knowledge of French and an enthusiasm for learning more (a cost au pairs are expected to cover). You will be paid a stipend of between €271.50 and €325.80 for working a maximum of five hours per day and 25 hours per week.


For several reasons, Switzerland is among the top locations for au pairs. Far too many to list here!

This country, which is bordered by five others, is one of the greatest locations to reside if you want to travel in Europe. Depending on where you are located, you may travel to France for shopping or cross the border to have a beer in Germany.

Spend a few days off exploring the nation's numerous magnificent landscapes. Or decide which neighboring nation you want to tour on a free weekend!

Concerned about relocating to a nation where the majority language is different? No issue. Switzerland has a unique approach to teaching foreign languages.

It is simple to see why working as an au pair in Switzerland is so well-liked given the country's high earnings and excellent quality of life. Some of the most sought-after cities for employment are Zurich, Geneva, and Basel.

Although it pays between 500 and 700 EUR more than other nations, we guarantee you'll spend a lot of money there. Be mindful of this. The monthly cost of living for one individual is around EUR 2000. On the flip side, your language course will be covered.


Although going to Asia may sound daunting, doing so as an au pair provides you a sense of stability that other employment in China might not. Additionally, obtaining a work visa for China, which may be challenging, is made simple by earning this position.

Additionally, one of the most convenient methods to live in Asia if you've ever wanted to is to work as an au pair.

Since you'll be residing with and working for a family, you'll have support from the minute you arrive. The family may aid you in acquiring a phone, opening a bank account, and getting to know the town or city as you begin to establish your life in the otherwise foreign nation.

Your skill set will expand significantly if you work as an au pair in China. You may study Mandarin, one of the most useful business languages available, and gain a thorough understanding of a very different culture. Working in China will provide you access to a wide range of additional possibilities throughout Asia!

If you enjoy traveling, visiting China is unlike visiting any other nation. China is a big country. Moving from province to province in China is like traveling around several Asian nations. Each province has its own interpretation of Chinese culture and language, making them all quite distinct from one another.


Like no other work in the world, being an au pair is unique. You'll get a taste of living abroad, meet new people, and learn a new tongue.

It’s a journey you’ll never forget. So what’s holding you back? Choose from one of these best places to au pair and begin your adventure!

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